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RE: [bs-telecom] Job || Management Trainee (Engineer) || PTCL


Dear All,
As far as i concern each n every organization look upto strong refrence as well.. last year i applied at PTCL MT System Networks short list and then conduct my interview too m selected as well but after some time they just inform me that the budget is not so good and the openings of MT is postponed due to this ..
Now, my question is to every 1 m from NED have good percentage 74 % / CGPA  (3.2 )with work experinence in National Bank of Pakistan as system Administrator currently i worked with P-series servers on AIX platform so all of you guys what do u expect imean if PTCL will appoint me as MT i can definately work as a good team with PTCL so y did they do that if there is some budget issue or something else so why did they conduct test and then interview and then final selection...
All of my friends , the answer is just " SOURCE " unfortunately i dont have.. and if any 1 have any doubt do confirm there interview conducted date and my name Tauseef Ahmed
well its all about luck and source so dont be think negative GOD IS GREAT wish u good luck all the guys / girls and be positive


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Subject: Fw: [bs-telecom] Job || Management Trainee (Engineer) || PTCL

Dear Sidra and Ubaid,

PTCL not based on reference at all. I have worked at PTCL about 2 yrs. I and my many frineds were selected as MT without any reference. you were not called for interview bcz your university will be not up to mark or ur GPA will be not up to mark.

PLease let me know your university name and ur GPA. PTCL is so strict in reference that if i give reference then i will be fired.


Muhammad Bilal


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You are Right Brother...!!!!

I have applied

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Subject: Re: [bs-telecom] Job || Management Trainee (Engineer) || PTCL



You just apply and be confidant and hopeful because it all depend on ALLAH.

Muhammad Usman
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its a 50/50 thing here in PTCL, u never know.

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I have also applied for it but didnt get an interview call in spite of my academic record but a friend of mine got call for the test. he passed the test and got job. i used to think the same as you do but changed after his hiring.

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Well i did apply to this previously, but was not called for the Interviews, although i have a very good academic record, but still got no response from them. Its all reference here too. If they are really sincere in hiring the correct people for their company then they need to take tests for jobs! And short list the best people!

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Subject: [bs-telecom] Job || Management Trainee (Engineer) || PTCL
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Management Trainee (Engineer)

Job Category:
Job Type:
Full Time
Company Name:
Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.
Posted On:
15 August, 2011
Last Date to apply:
21 August, 2011
Fresh graduates


Our Management Trainee program has been designed for fresh graduates, who fit perfectly in a culture of leadership, changed vision and operational excellence. Qualification: BE (Electrical/Electronics/Telecom) - Minimum Percentage = 70 % OR - Minimum GPA = 3.0

Must Degree Degree Level Country Description
Yes BE (Electrical ElectronicsTelecom) Bachelors Degree (4 Years)


Best Regards,,,

Jahan Zaib Saleem

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